Sunday, April 28, 2019

True Journalism

Media in our day and age has a profound effect on the mood of our country and the path taken by citizens and legislators as well.  In recent years, some have questioned whether the Media has not become too active as an agent of specific points of view rather than a medium for dissemination of facts and events.  In the process of doing research for a local historical project, I came across a short but delightful comment in the Shelbina Democrat, the news medium for Shelby County Missouri in the 19th century.  In a gratious sense of fairness, the newspaper lauded a competitor, the Troy Free Press, for its openmindedness and adherence to a standard of fairness.  To the Shelbina staff, this was "True Journalism".  I would agree.

One might wish that the media of our own time was so magnanimous and the industry so dedicated to their purpose.

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