Thursday, November 08, 2012

Open Letter to Paul Ryan

Dear Congressman Ryan;

We only met in person one time, at a GOP convention in Sheboygan several years ago.  Jim McGarigle (7th District) and I were there staffing an Ancient Coin Collectors Guild advocacy table.  We were lobbying for passage of a Wisconsin GOP state resolution that would call on the state's Republican legislators to oppose federal import restrictions on ancient coins. You and Janna were hosting a hospitality suite one evening and we stopped by to say hello and to ask for your help.  As luck would have it, we arrived before the crowd and were treated to a memorable informal chat.  We talked about the issues concerning us, and you shared with us the precious youthful memories of time spent with your father at the American Numismatic Association museum in Colorado Springs.  In addition to the fact that you embraced our resolution, and helped to get it passed, I gained from that meeting a warm feeling of having met someone very sincere and genuinely interested in helping.      

As others filtered into the room and our "quiet time" slipped away, Jim and I enjoyed snacks and some great Wisconsin cheese compliments of the Ryan family -- and a family affair it was.  Janna was a very gracious hostess.  She and I had a very nice conversation about life in government service and talked about the rigors of family travel for an elected official and for those serving in the military, as I did.  We talked about your children (very young at that time) and of the family retreats to your vacation home in northern Wisconsin.  It happens that my maternal ancestors are from that area and we still own a north woods cabin in the same general neighborhood.  When we left that event, it was with the feeling of having visited old friends.  The next day, you stopped by our exhibit and shared contact information for Clete Willems, the staffer who then handled issues like ours.  What impressed me from the very first contact was the fact that Clete had already been briefed and was expecting our call.  That was the start of a long series of actions on your part to help collectors and small businesses in the numismatic trade oppose overreaching government regulation -- a battle that still rages.

Since that day, your career has shifted into high gear and it's been comforting to see your "common sense" rationality interjected into the national political debate.  We were thrilled to learn of your VP candidacy and honored to support your campaign.   Although we did not prevail, it was not for lack of caring nor lack of effort.   Rest assured that your supporters will be there and energized in 2016.  Meanwhile we are comforted to know that you'll still be representing W-1 in the House and all of us in America on the Budget committee. 

Thank you for who and what you are and for all that you have done and continue to do,

Wayne G. Sayles

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Cultural Property Observer said...

Thanks Wayne, we need more legislators like Paul Ryan in both parties. Coin collecting is not a partisan issue, and our concerns are not partisan-- they are common sense. Why should American collectors and the small businesses of the numismatic trade be precluded from importing coins collected by others world wide? And why are the views of archaeological fanatics and foreign cultural bureaucrats given so much credence, particularly given their own abysmal record in preserving, displaying and publishing coins? Both Democrats and Republicans are supposed to be for small business, but this Administration appears to be anti-small business, certainly with regard to its treatment of the small businesses of the numismatic trade.