Monday, June 01, 2009

Coming Home

Anyone who has an Email account has had more than one experience with forwarded inspirational messages. While these are always well intentioned, and often touching, they do tend to gang up on one's free time and tax one's ability sometimes to fully appreciate them. As a matter of course, I rarely pass them on. But, one came from a friend in the mail last week that I simply must share. Any copyright info was long since lost in the forwarding process but the origin is clearly a message from Ford Motor Company™. It is, in fact, a commercial of sorts. So, let's add the copyright back in and give full credit to Ford for producing the most poignant commercial that I have ever seen. Yes, even better than the Budweiser Christmas commercials. I'm not given to emotionalism, as all who know me well will quickly attest, but this video brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. Now, even if you are a fan of the new State-owned General Motors products, you owe it to yourself to watch this one. I'm pretty sure that Ford will forgive my transgression in passing it along.



Anonymous said...

Mr.Sayles, thank you... tears from the heart and common ground.

Wayne G. Sayles said...

I wish that the above comment were not anonymous, but I appreciate it nonetheless. There is always common ground and often more than we realize. All it takes to expand that base is sincere and genuine dialogue — a rarity in today's world I fear. Readers here who honor the service of our military, might find my blog at of interest. Reading the archived first post or two would provide the context.